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Olive Oil

2010 Vintage Sicilian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil   $20.00

2010 Vintage Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil              $15.00

Available For Purchase at La Fontana Siciliana Restaurant

Minimum requirement for local delivery in the Seattle area is 1 case

Call 206-441-1045 and ask for Mario if you have further questions


Online ordering system coming soon

Dining Magazine
Pass under the pergola, through the picturesque fountain courtyard and you’ll find La Fontana (“the fountain”) celebrating the cuisine of Sicily. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, true to Fuenzalida’s credo that, “A restaurant must have more life than just the food.” Coveted family treasures and artwork compete for prominence on the walls and shelves in three adjoining brick-walled rooms. Glass covered antique library tables are spaced for privacy, each softly illuminated by a small lamp. Strains of opera fill the room, completing the mood and piquing your appetite for hearty Italian fare.



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